Thursday, August 30, 2007

Calling All Authors to Learn

The ultimate community membership website for writers, authors and industry experts. is an organization that brings on-going, reality-based information and assistance to writers in a wholly interactive and innovative way. This is the place for writers to connect with other writers and industry experts who know what they need to learn, to share what they already know, to become a member with access to the latest writing, publishing and marketing information on the planet. Building an interactive community is made possible by the latest Open Source website concept called Joomla! Community Builder. Three levels of access --- Public, Registered and Member --- will provide site visitors opportunity for limited, broader and broadest access to site information and educational events.

Articles from industry experts and innovative authors, the Great Links resources, polling on interesting topics, regularly scheduled teleseminars and webinars with Valerie Connelly (Nightengale Press Publisher and Global Talk Radio Talk Show Host) and a broad spectrum of expert co-hosts, will all bring the latest information and tips to writers and authors. Downloadable Audio Mini-Clip Libraries of useful writing, publishing and marketing tips, monthly 30-minute Publisher's Corner Lessons videos, as well as an on site daily newsletter, blog, IM communications by permission with other registered members, User Profiles, and much more.

Visit to register.

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