Monday, July 30, 2007

Money...It's Not Just for Rich People!

Author Janine Bolon will be Yvonne Perry’s guest on Writers in the Sky Podcast August 8, 2007! She will be discussing her book Money… It’s Not Just for Rich People!

Ever wonder how some people manage to get it together financially and then keep it that way? This book tells you how! It relates five simple principles that govern how money runs or ruins your life and gives you step-by-step instructions and real examples to help you move from fiscal deprivation to wealth accumulation.

Janine Bolon is a testament to the power of perseverance. As an impoverished teenager in rural Missouri, she launched several successful businesses before putting herself through the University of Missouri biochemistry program by working three jobs at once and selling all her possessions. She worked for ten years in academic and industrial research laboratories before spending the next eight years raising a brood of four active spawn with the help of her husband, Brad. Since moving to Cedar City in 2003, Janine has completed her M.A. in Education, home schools the herd, started another entrepreneurial venture (SmartCents Inc., a firm dedicated to teaching fundamental principles of wealth accumulation and financial independence), and has written four books on the topic. Ms. Bolon is a faculty member at George Wythe College in various financial and scientific subjects.

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jackpayne said...

Gosh, if anyone has a handle on all the secrets of success, you are the one. Amazing work-through-college story.

My perspective has long been on the people who help themselves to all the shortcuts to success: con artists. Today, with the plague of 9,000,000 cases of identity theft upon us, I feel this is important, indeed.

I've spent 45 years of my life chasing these people down, studying what makes them tick and writing about them.

To all who can squeeze out a spare moment, I say: come see.