Monday, July 16, 2007

Before the Beginning Began

Author Frank Cavalli will be Yvonne Perry's guest on Writers in the Sky Podcast July 20, 2007!

We have all tried to answer our children’s questions about God. But how do you convey the magnitude and majesty of God and His faithful love for His children? Other than teaching our children a simple prayer it has been a very difficult task. This is a story that will help you fulfill your children’s desire to know more about God and in the process answer some questions that you might have had when you were a child.

"Before the Beginning Began" takes you to a time before time began. It was a time before anything existed except for God and His plan for the expression of His awesome love. This is a story of what God creates and more importantly, the reasons for His creations. Within the story is a poetic vision, a seed of our Father's love to be planted early in the heart of your young child.

After the story there is a section titled "Precious Answers – Precious Thoughts". You will find over 50 questions about the story to help you explore your child’s favorite parts of God’s creation and discover what activities they enjoy doing with the many gifts that God has given to them. In this section you can discuss their responses and have the opportunity to share with your answers to the same questions.

"Before the Beginning Began" provides a rare opportunity for exploration,discovery, intimacy, bonding and fun while you share a beautiful story of God's love in a way that has never been told before.

The author, Frank Cavalli, is the founder of Star Dome Publishing, LLC . Frank was a former insurance executive in New York City for a major insurance company. In sales Frank qualified for the prestigious Top of the Table and was a motivational speaker at major financial conventions on "The Quality of Life". Frank is also a former U.S. Marine, radio show host, musician, poet, song writer, and lyricist and has created personal development programs for adults and teens


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