Monday, June 04, 2007

Creative Writing Tips- 7 Killer Tips To Boost Your Creative Writing Today

By Dan Goodwin

However accomplished and experienced you are in your creative writing, there’s always more to learn and discover.

There’s no such thing as becoming the perfect creative writer. All of us can continue to learn, explore and experiment and give our creative writing more depth, impact and fulfillment, for us as the writer, as well as for our readers.

So here are 7 killer tips to help you boost YOUR creative writing even more:

1. Adopt a new identity. Imagine you're someone else, someone completely different from yourself. It could be a character you’re familiar with already from a book, film or your daily life, or a completely new creation.

Write from their perspective about what they do, who they see, how they live and what it’s like to be them. Notice how your creative writing develops to take on this new character.

2. Become an inanimate object. Take on the perspective of an object, like a stone on a river bed, a chair in a cafe or a leaf in a tree.

Write about exactly how it feels to be this object, what goes on around you, the other objects you come in contact with, what your day to day experiences are. Write in as much rich detail as you can.

3. Get away from familiar surroundings. Go somewhere where the environment is very different to what you experience day to day.

If you live and work in a city, get out into nature. If you live in a rural area, spend some time amidst the bustle of a city. Write about what you see, hear and feel all around you, and how it’s different to what you’re used to.

4. Focus on a single sense. Spend a day noticing just what stimulation is all around you with one particular sense, like your sense of sight or smell.

Experience the world as vividly as possible through this one single sense. Write about your experiences as you go, noticing how this sense is enhanced more than usual.

5. Write in different directions. Most of us are used to writing left to right, from the top of the page to the bottom.

Mix this up by taking a large sheet of paper, starting anywhere and writing in whichever direction you wish. As you write keep changing direction, using every part of the page. Notice how the direction you write influences what you’re writing.

6. Write purely phonetically. Sometimes the sounds of words, and the rhythm of language are more interesting than the meaning of the words themselves.

Try writing a few lines of prose or poetry just focusing on how the syllables sound. You can use words from a known language or make up your own. Think of it as a song of words.

7. Play creative writing tag. Arrange with a writing friend to set up a creative writing tag game.
Begin with one of you sending a line or two of writing to the other. Then they reply, adding the next couple of lines of the story and returning it to you. Repeat the process for as long as you wish. Email works well for this as it’s almost instant and you can stay fresh and in the flow.
Use these 7 killer tips to help you boost YOUR creative writing to new levels.

Notice which of the tips you get most from and how you can adapt and expand them to help your creative writing even more.

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