Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Creative Work of Graphic Design!

I’m Jessica Dockter—the graphic designer for the Write On! Creative Writing Services team. Here is a list of some of the creative work Keith Troup and I offer through the combined efforts of IDM Studios and L.E.E. Design:

Website Design & Development
Brand/Image Design
Print Media
Digital Media (Audio, Video, Photos)
Branded Social Media (Podcasts, RSS Marketing, Blogs, Social Networks)

Branded Social Networks – A branded website with similarities to MySpace/Facebook/YouTube website that allows a business to build sticky web traffic around a product, service, or idea. These types of sites provide new opportunities for a business to capitalize on the same revenue streams those sites create ( i.e. advertising, product sales, premium content, etc.) Connect with your prospects, clients, customers, or members with this powerful BRANDED Marketing Community.. in ways a static website cannot offer.

A branded social network provides networking web based tools for creating member profiles, blogs, commenting, video, audio, groups, forums, music/audio players, calendaring, etc. Members create user generated content by uploading video, photos, audio, create groups, communicate via emessaging, forums, add friends, vote/rate (video, photos, members), commenting...etc. This type of site creates a more interactive site where members visit on a daily basis to the website allowing the business to interact more often and more intelligently with its members. Feedback on products, ideas, customer service, new product development, contests, etc can be a valuable asset to any business.

Reporting tools are included and are a valuable asset to these sites, to see where, when, and what members are interested in on your website.

Social Networks are also becoming the most popular and most important sites on the internet. If you build a strong community, your more likely to reach your prospects, and customers with proactive rather than reactive communication. Statistics have shown, that customers are more likely to have more trust in companies who communicates via blogs, podcasts, commenting, etc that those who don't. Social Media is now the norm, not the exception.

IDM STUDIOS is on the cutting edge of internet marketing systems for your online web presence. Our Unique Content Distribution System (UDCS) can provide a branded social networking community for your business to Build Community With YOUR Brand.

Benefits Of A Branded Social Networking Community include:
100% Opt-in Network
Revenue Streams From Ads, Subscriptions & Sales
Desktop Alert System
User Generated Content
Robust Blog Publishing System
Branded RSS Reader
Latest Members Displayed
Premium Featured Community Content
Podcasting (Audio & Video)
Search - Mini Google Functionality
Social Computing (Friends Network)
Measureability and Stats
Rich Media ( Audio, Video, Photos)
Search Engine Ranking
User Rating Of Content
Viral Widgets
And much much more...

AudioBook Production (we create audiobooks from scratch, or turn a printed book into an audiobook, providing a digital means of distribution for authors)
Audio Branding ( Jingles or Audio Brand ( i.e. Microsoft sound when you boot the computer)
Music Production (songwriting, producing, arranging).
Radio Commercials
Video Trailers & Commercials

We have audiobook and music products that have been in Amazon.com, Walmart, Ideals, and many other well known companies.
Contact Jessica at 615.681.4401 or email leedesign@leedesign.org . See samples on my Web site: www.leedesign.org

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