Monday, May 28, 2007

The Natural Fat-Loss Pharmacy

Author Bill Gottlieb will be Yvonne Perry's guest on Writers in the Sky Podcast June 1st!

The Natural Fat-Loss Pharmacy is a medically-researched guide to weight loss supplements that shows readers a way to lose weight and keep it off.

Many dieters find supplements confusing—or have concerns about the side effects and health issues surrounding diet aids. Now, Harry Preuss, M.D., one of the top researchers in the field, and Bill Gottlieb, former editor-in-chief of Rodale Books, share their expertise in this practical book to help dieters make informed decisions about weight loss supplements. Based on scientific trials and studies, The Natural Fat-Loss Pharmacy reveals:

  • which weight loss supplements to take

  • which supplements work, and which don’t

  • how to design a personal supplement program that’s truly helpful and safe

  • how supplements can help almost anyone to lose weight (and keep it off) more efficiently than just through diet and exercise

The Natural Fat-Loss Pharmacy features a dozen safe, effective weight loss supplements, including:

  • EGCG (green tea extract)—burn up to 180 more calories per day

  • CLA (conjugated linoleic acid)—lose 5 pounds of fat, without dieting or exercise

  • 5-HTP (5-hydroxy-L-tryptophan)—end carbohydrate cravings

  • MCT (medium-chain triglycerides)—prevent weight regain

  • HCA—get off a weight loss plateau

  • Chromium—for dieters with blood sugar problems

Bill Gottlieb is the former editor-in-chief of Rodale Books and Prevention Magazine Health Books, and the author of five books on health and healing, including the 1.5 million-copy bestseller, Alternative Cures (Rodale, 2000).

While at Rodale, Gottlieb was the creator and supervising editor of the mega-selling The Doctors Book of Home Remedies (16 million copies sold), and was the spokesperson in a commercial for the book that was broadcast 50,000 times and generated sales of 2 million copies. He has appeared as an expert on natural remedies on Good Morning America, CNN, and many other national TV and radio shows. His articles on health and healing have appeared in many magazines and periodicals, including Prevention, Reader’s Digest, Health, Runner’s World, Men’s Health, New Beauty, Natural Health, Self, Alternative Medicine, Bottom Line Personal and Bottom Line Health.

Bill is also a poet, and his work has appeared in more than 20 literary journals. And, as a longtime devotee of the Spiritual Teacher, Adi Da Samraj, he compiled and edited the book Love and Blessings: The Divine Compassionate Miracles of Avatar Adi Da Samraj (The Dawn Horse Press, 2006), and is a consulting editor for the online magazine, The Adidam Revelation, at He lives in northern California.

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