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Book with a View May 2007

Divine Disposables
by Janyce Granoff

Every bride dreams of a spectacular and extravagant wedding reception.
Sometimes finances or venue require the use of disposables. These 24 divine place settings will relieve your anxiety about using disposables. They will inspire you and allow you the opportunity to delight and impress your family and friends using your unique style. The workbook will teach you how to do it!

Having worked with thousands of brides, I know that many are near despair after seeing only very expensive table settings in the media. This produces unnecessary anxiety for a huge percentage of American brides. It leaves you thinking you are a minority, when actually you are in the majority. I promise you.

"An extravaganza does not have to be expensive. It is in the details that makes a guest feel pampered and entertained, possibly amazed and always delighted.”

You do not have to settle. Wedding Place SettingsÅ with divine disposables will help you produce the details for the wedding of your dreamsÅ  a wedding that pampers, entertains, amazes and delights your family and friends.

Becoming Soulmates, How to Create the Lifelong Relationship You Always Dreamed Of
by Elva Anson

Most people believe that out in the world somewhere their soul mate exists. The trick is to find that person. As a long time Marriage and Family Therapist, Elva Anson has helped many couples transform deteriorating relationships into lifelong intimacy. This book shows what to do to become soul mates for a lifetime and to create the relationship you have always wanted.

Alva will be Yvonne Perry’s guest on Writers in the Sky Podcast May 11, 2007. Please subscribe to the RSS Feed of the podcast here so you don’t miss this interview.

Waking Spirit: Prose & Poems the Spirit Sings
by Shirley Cheng; foreword by New York Times bestselling author, Cynthia Brian
ISBN: 9780615136806 paperback; 9780615138930 hardback
To be released in late May
Pre-order autographed copies from:

Karen L. Sadler of ForeWord Magazine CLARION Reviews wrote:
This book is an amazing read by an amazing person. While shops and shelves are piled with inspirational and self-help books written by people with disabilities, only luck can lead the reader to an author capable of transporting them to a world outside the normal and understood. Shirley Cheng is one of these lucky finds, driven as she is to help others understand the lives of the disabled.

Cheng is one person who has never allowed her differences to dictate her attitude towards life. She not only appreciates life as a gift, but expresses gratitude to her mother for her positive outlook on life, and to the existence with which her Heavenly Father has blessed her. No matter what, Cheng views her life as an opportunity to make the most of, and views her differences as giving her a unique outlook on life.

Waking Spirit is a collection of poetry of different types including haiku, quotations and essays that embody Cheng's positive attitude towards life and strategies for dealing with adversity. Her writing is very accessible and enjoyable as she "shows without telling," without arrogance or preachiness.

This book is an expression of joy, of wonder, and of passion for life. It teaches simple truths and lifelong lessons that are often overlooked in the current complex world.

Dressed to Keel: A Darcy Cavanaugh Mystery
Candy CalvertMidnight Ink (2006)ISBN 9780738708799
Reviewed by Cherie Fisher for Reader Views (1/07)

I picked this book up on a Sunday morning and figured that I would read for an hour or so and then do my chores. Its 5PM, the book is finished, no chores are done and I am still in my PJ’s. This is one of the few books that I have read that I can honestly say I could not put it down once I started it. “Dressed to Keel” is Candy Calvert’s launch of the Darcy Cavanaugh mystery series and she has a real winner.

The story starts out “The cruise brochure promised confetti, melting wedges of Brie, well-stuffed tuxedoes, and silver buckets of Dom Perignon.” Who would not want to go on a trip like that? Darcy Cavanaugh gets that and so much more, including murder and mystery as she takes a much needed vacation. Darcy is an ER nurse who is burned out with her job and by love. She decides to get away from it all by taking this cruise with senior citizens because her friend Marie is the shipboard nurse. But after a cabin steward is found dead and the robberies begin, the fingers are pointing at Marie. Darcy must find a way to clear her friend of the murder and solve the mystery before the body count starts piling up.

Darcy’s first and primary suspect is the handsome and sexy dance instructor Luke Skyler. He always seems to be around when trouble brews and is also watching her very closely. Or could it be any one of the outrageous seniors who are also on the cruise? This is what Darcy must find out as she becomes the next target on the ship.

“Dressed to Keel” is full of outrageous characters, gourmet food, champagne and beautiful clothes. The story is a mystery, but is kept light and full of fun. Calvert proves that she has a wonderful sense of humor over and over again through this mystery story and I am very much looking forward to her next installment in the Darcy Cavanaugh mysteries. After all…who needs to go food shopping or have a clean house or laundry when there is great mystery novel to be read?
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Cantaloupe Dance
Kellie JamesoniUniverse (2006)ISBN 9780595409723
Reviewed by Debra Gaynor for Reader Views (11/06)

This is the story of a woman searching for love. Just as it seems to be within her grasp it elusively slips away. Noella Parker is a woman longing to be loved. Just as she thinks she’s found love one man, Jansen keeps walking through her life. They have a connection that can’t be completely severed. When things didn’t work out between them, they both tried to move on with their lives. The next man in her life is Ben. Four hours after meeting Ben, Noella is sure that she’s in love again. “He kissed me with a passion I hadn’t felt since Jansen.” But Jansen was always in the background and still made an occasional appearance.

The next love of her life was Josh. This relationship leads to a fruitless marriage. “The months passed by quickly, and I fell in love, as expected with Josh.” Soon they were married but the shadow of Jansen again looms in the background. Jansen still haunts Noella’s dreams and desires. “I hate that I get excited to see you. I fall asleep next to my husband each night, knowing the end is right around the corner. I know we won’t last long. We both want such different things.”

The years fell away when Noella opened the door to James, her boyfriend before Jansen. Once again Noella is in love, unfortunately James is married with child. That little technicality doesn’t stop their love for each other. Painfully, Noella releases him to return to his family.

This book is not really about a woman searching for love, nor is it about a man and woman in love. This book is about a woman learning to let go. Learning to let go of the idea of love. It is only when she can hold love in an open hand that she can truly possess it. A closed fist will crush it.

The message behind this story is touching. Noella is a strong character, one that I identified with a little too much. The men are handsome, loving, and very sensitive. Ben was my favorite. My least favorite is James. I won’t go into details because it would give away too much of the book. Ms Jameson successfully demonstrates the need to learn to release those you love. If it’s meant to be they
will return.

The cover of this book could be improved with a touch of color. The print is a nice size and easy to read. Ms Jameson, your book has left me pondering. I believe I will be considering the “moral of the story” for quite sometime. I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy books about relationships, romance, fiction, and books that teach you to search yourself.
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Mentor Me: A Guide to Being Your Own Best Advocate in the Workplace
by Joanne Lozar Glenn

If you’ve ever wondered how things might be different if only you had a mentor, stop. You are your own best mentor, and this book is the perfect read for those who aspire to “star quality” in their careers.

A practical, easy-to-read, and indispensable guide to the unwritten rules of the workplace, Mentor Me shows you how to:

· say yes to your dreams and mentor yourself into a job or a career you love
· develop the skills you need to become politically effective in your career
· begin to promote your potential as well as your accomplishments
· discover the shortest and surest route to influencing others, including your boss
· make performance and salary reviews less threatening, more rewarding
· recognize when you need expertise beyond your own experience, and learn where and how to find that help.

ISBN 0-933964-60-9
Where to purchase: National Business Education Association, 703.860.8300 or

Fat Loss Pharmacy, Drug-free Remedies to Help you Safely Lose Weight, Shed Fat, Firm Up and Feel Great

by Bill Gottlieb and Dr. Harry Preuss

Finally, information about weight loss supplements that isn't based on hype or hope, but on scientific fact! Written by Harry Preuss, MD, a doctor and university-based researcher, and Bill Gottlieb, former editor-in-chief of Rodale Books, this is the first and only reliable guide to the nutritional supplements and herbs that can safely and effectively help you lose weight and keep it off.

You'll also read about the weight-loss supplements that aren't likely to work or are possibly unsafe. You'll find a customized program to help you pick the one or more supplements that are right for you. And you'll discover an easy-to-follow, no-diet food plan for controlling calories, and a simple, no-sweat approach to physical activity for long-term weight control.

Yvonne Perry will be interviewing Dr. Gottlieb on her podcast Writers in the Sky in June 2007. Subscribe to the RSS Feed of the podcast here so you don’t miss this important interview.

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