Friday, April 27, 2007

TGIF April 27, 2007 Article Marketing Challenge

April 27, 2007 New Year’s Article Challenge Contestants

On February 1st, twenty-four writers accepted Suzanne Lieurance and Kristin King’s New Year’s challenge to write 30 articles by March 31, 2007. The contest is over, but the benefits of the challenge are just beginning to show.

Join Yvonne Perry today on Writers in the Sky Podcast as she interviews the contestants in a group call. Discover what they learned from the experience and how this challenge is helping them improve as a writer and business owner.

The article challenge helped me focus every day, gave me numerous ideas (including the book I'm working on...I have 10 Chapters complete already), introduced me to other affiliations, and gave me confidence to start marketing. I picked up my first client, who was a childhood friend simply because I mentioned how powerful article marketing has been. I wrote an article for her custom jewelry business and now working on her newsletter which will be a small monthly project. Also, writing can be a little lonely. It helped me feel more connected to a group.

~Kate Garvey

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The challenge did several things for me. It was great fun. Meeting new writers and sharing information was very inspiring. It also help me get started on my new book; "Short Sleeves Insights: Live an Ordinary Life in An Non Ordinary Way," that will be released next year. Your daily tips and comments fueled a spark that reminded me I could reach for a better thought, and write. Yvonne's positive attitude and caring was a beacon that lit the path of friendship. I am grateful for the experience and look forward to the next challenge.

~Hal Manogue

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