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May 2007 Podcast Schedule for Writers in the Sky

May 4, 2007—Tim Phelan

Tim Phelan is a confident, twenty-one-year-old college graduate who is determined to build his future on two solid pillars: meeting the woman of his dreams, and earning a financial fortune.
Three months after he lands a job that promises to put him on the fast track to luxury-home ownership and country-club living, Tim’s plans begin to unravel: his brain and digestive tract seem to have entered into a diabolical conspiracy, and they appear hell-bent on destroying his ambitious plans, his confidence, and so much more. But why are they suddenly betraying him at the most inopportune times—like dates and business meetings?

Set amid the rigid expectations of a polite society where mentioning bodily functions is taboo, Romance, Riches, and Restrooms– A Cautionary Tale of Ambitious Dreams and Irritable Bowels is a tragically hilarious memoir about one man’s desperate quest to conceal and conquer irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) before he becomes a penniless hermit. Follow the offbeat odyssey of this buttoned-down bachelor as he struggles to navigate the high-pressure world of investment banking and the image-conscious San Francisco dating scene while secretly experimenting with alternative treatments such as colonic hydrotherapy, hypnosis, building “dams,” and “avalanche blasting.”

Will this excessively “regular” guy find happiness? Find out when Tim joins Yvonne Perry for an interview on Writers in the Sky Podcast!

May 11, 2007—Elva Anson

As a long time Marriage Family Therapist, Elva Anson has helped many couples transform deteriorating relationships into dynamic, deepening lifelong intimacy. After almost 50 years of marriage, Elva and her husband, Everett, continue to learn, grow, and bit-by-bit let go of fears and defenses that have transformed them into soul mates forever.

Elva is the author of Becoming Soul Mates -How To Create the Lifelong Relationships You Always Dreamed Of. In her book, you will discover:
  • The power you have to make the relationship what you want it to be.
  • How to create safety and let go of defenses.
  • How to understand the language of sex.
  • How to listen so your lover will talk and talk so your lover will listen.
  • Twenty ways to have fun getting close.

Most people believe that out in the world somewhere their soul mate exists. The trick is to find that person. This book shows what to do to become soul mates for a lifetime and to create the relationship you have always wanted.

May 18, 2007—Kathleen Ernst

Kathleen Ernst is a gifted author, educator, and social historian. She has published twelve novels and one nonfiction book, and served as project director/scriptwriter for several instructional television series. When she's not busy researching and writing, she can be found teaching or providing presentations and workshops.Kathleen lives in Middleton, Wisconsin, with her husband and cat. She grew up in Maryland, in a family that considered books as fundamental to life as food and water. She started writing as a child and never stopped! Today, she finds researching books as much fun as writing them.

Kathleen will join Yvonne Perry on Writers in the Sky to discuss her book Hearts of Stone.

With her father gone to join the Yankee troops and her best friend, Ben, sympathizing with the Confederates, fifteen-year-old Hannah finds her world torn apart by the Civil War. Then her mother suddenly dies. Now responsible for holding the young family together, Hannah makes the difficult decision to leave her beloved Cumberland Mountain with her brother and sisters and set out on the long and dangerous journey to Nashville, in search of their only living relative. Their quest to reclaim their family leads them into the very heart of the Civil War, and could cost them their lives. www.kathleenernst.comHearts of Stone is widely available, and can be ordered on-line or through any bookstore.ISBN 978-0525476863

May 25, 2007—Annie B. Kay

Annie B. Kay, MS, RD, LDN, RYT, is a unique voice as a writer, speaker, spokesperson and teacher. Her rare blend of scientific education in nutrition, practical training in yoga, and her personal health story bring unusual dimension to her endeavors in communicating the art and science of health. Annie is a graduate of Cornell University (nutritional biochemistry) and Boston University (nutrition communications) and has numerous scientific papers to her credit.
Annie will be sharing her book Every Bite is Divine. Join us to learn more about a balanced approach to enjoying eating, feeling healthy and happy, and getting to a weight that’s natural for you.

She has written for “Cooking Light” among other national magazines, and has appeared on CNN and in the national media on topics of health and wellness. Annie has integrated leading edge information on how the body works with her experience practicing and teaching yoga to develop an innovative approach to cultivating awareness, mind-body balance, and weight normalization. Annie lives on Nantucket Island, MA and the island of Kauai, HI. She lives with her surfer husband, Craig, and her crazy cat Rahu. In addition to writing, speaking and teaching, Annie is a home chef, gardener and poet dedicated to creativity, service and fun.

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