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TGIF March 9, 2007

Gigi Miner, Author of "The Fallen" will be Yvonne Perry's guest on Writers in the Sky Podcast March 9, 2007.

Gigi lives in Upstate NY with her husband and furry family. She has been writing in some form or fashion for most of her life. To initiate her into the world of writing, Gigi received her first rejection letter at age nine for a poem submitted to a magazine.

Her book, THE FALLEN, has made such an impression upon me. My love for humanity has been rekindled and my awareness heightened by reading it. It may be a fiction novel, but the spiritual impact it carries, caused me to see that it indeed contains a greater truth. We are the fallen angels; you, me, and so many others regardless of what course our lives take.

The characters in Minor's book have come to life in the faces of those I love; even in those I do not understand or particularly enjoy being around, because now I know and recognize them as kindred spirits. Already, I feel less judgmental and more compassionate towards those who have forgotten who they are.

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Gigi Minor will be discussing her new book THE FALLEN during our interview, but she has also written Card Shark, ISBN 1-4116-4280-5, a supernatural murder mystery that uses tarot to feed the plot and has recently released The Fallen ISBN 978-1-4303-0182-0, a supernatural mystery that uses more erotic text to pursue the message of the book.

In THE FALLEN, Gigi has bravely delved into a place of pain where we abuse ourselves and others by the choices we make. Her book will help many realize that everything in life is about choice and free will.

Gigi Miner has written many articles for various newsletters, including Gateway to Tarot & Future Endeavors, and writes a monthly column for the online e-zine, The Meta Arts. Miner publishes two of her own newsletters, Veritas – a tarot-based spiritual newsletter and SPANN – Self Published Artists’ Network Newsletter, which helps to bring fans together with aspiring artists.

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Miner’s other works include:

Five Steps to Freedom – Part of the Self-Empowerment Series
Internet Security for Parents
Light-of-Day Tarot & Dream Work (currently retired to be incorporated into a new tarot book)

Motivation Cards – Inspirational Quotations & Phrases
Tarot Position Cards Vol. I

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