Friday, March 16, 2007

TGIF March 16, 2007 Mystic Pop Magazine Editor

Devra Ann Jacobs is an author, speaker and business woman. She founded and serves as editor of the “now age” Mystic Pop Magazine, the world’s fastest growing publication in the Spirituality arena.

I thoroughly enjoyed this interview and went immediately to Devra's Web site to purchase the magazine. I was excited when the issue arrived and started reading it as soon as I got it out of the envelope. The articles are very educational, non-biased and spiritually rich.

Listen to the interview with Devra Jacobs and Yvonne Perry now...

Devra believes that an author doesn’t have to be famous to be good. Therefore, she accepts submissions for her magazine. Those interested should send an 800- or 1,600-word article as an attached word.doc and include any color pictures in jpeg format 300dpi, you may want to use in the article. Allow her 4-6 weeks to read and respond. See for more details.


Anonymous said...

It sounds very attractive. Does anyone else worry that the whole notion of 'pop mysticism' is just a tad too lightweight? It is clear that it has a broad appeal, but have we all become idiots?

Q: Is nothing sacred?

A: Not when it can be slicked up and consumed by the masses! There's money to be made here!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we were already idiots to make life so heavy with what we perceive to be reality.