Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Writers on Call topics for January teleclasses

Writers on Call—a weekly teleseminar for writers, will be hosted by full-time freelance writers Yvonne Perry and Suzanne Lieurance and will cover book writing and offer information about how to start and manage a successful freelance writing business.

Here is the line up of topics for January's classes:

January 4 - "Creating Your Check List for Success - It isn't that difficult to stay focused on your career when you have a check list for success. Suzanne will talk to writers about what elements need to be on their check list if they wish to have a successful freelance writing career in 2007.

January 11 - Writing for Children: How to Find Work with Educational Publishers Even if You've Never Thought of Writing for Children - Suzanne will talk to writers about all the opportunities available with children's educational publishers. Many of these opportunities simply require writing in a straightforward way at specific reading levels. Anyone can learn to do this, too. Find out by listening to this call.

January 18 - Yvonne will give preparatory steps to complete BEFORE starting a book manuscript. This will include tips on conducting a current market comparison, title search, intent to publish: self, vanity, conventional, what a query letter is and why you need one, creating an outline, writing a proposal for your book.

January 25 - Yvonne will discuss the components of a good book proposal: table of contents (TOC) for the proposal, opening remarks to introduce the book, market comparison (from class one), overall synopsis of your book, TOC for the book itself, a chapter by chapter summary, sample chapters, author’s bio, marketing plan and cover letter.

Listen to a prerecorded class to get an idea of the content-rich discussion format.

The seminars will be recorded each Thursday night at 7 p.m. Central Time so even if you can’t make the call, you will have access to the mp3 file the next day.

Our fee of $9.95 per month is an extremely low price for nearly four hours of coaching and interactive teaching each month.

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