Friday, December 08, 2006

TGIF December 8, 2006 - Mary Buckner

TGI Friday December 8th and I have uploaded a new show to my podcast.

Mary Buckner is an award winning writer who earned her B.A. in English Literature from Memphis State University. She studied writing at Harvard University, then earned an M.A. in Creative Writing at Boston University

She is currently a freelance writer, environmental activist, and ardent whitewater kayaker. She has traveled through Europe, New Zealand and North America, lived in California, Alaska, Maine and Massachusetts, and now resides in Nashville, Tennessee.

In Part One, Mary and Yvonne discuss how Mary got started as a writer and what inspires her to write sci-fi. We also take a look at the storyline of her first novel Hyperthought, which was nominated for the 2003 Philip K. Dick Award for distinguished science fiction. Click here to listen to Part One...

In part 2 of our interview, we will discuss Mary’s other two novels Neurolink, published by Penguin/Ace in August, 2004 and War Surfing released in 2005. We will also discuss how Mary was published twice by major houses. Click here to listen to Part Two...

Each show has multiple parts which last about 15-20 minutes each. The short-length classes are a great way to learn about the craft and business of writing while driving to work or sweating at the gym! You may download Writers in the Sky podcast shows from You must have iTunes software loaded on your computer but you can download the free software at

Next Friday I will upload my interview with palm reader and three-time published author Myrna Lou Goldbaum. You won't want to miss this education-packed and fun-filled show!

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