Friday, December 01, 2006

TGIF December 1st - Maryglenn McCombs

TGIF December 1st and I have uploaded a new show to my podcast Writers in the Sky.

Maryglenn McCombs specializes in targeted book publicity campaigns and offers consulting services and promotion expertise for books by soliciting media coverage in print and electronic formats. She also creates press kits, press releases, biographies, fact sheets, tip sheets, target pitch letters, talking points/interview scripts for her clients.

In part one of our interview we talk about some of the ways Maryglenn connects authors with the print media such as trade journals, national magazines, newspapers, news services, syndicates, and newsletters outlets. Click here to listen to Part One...

In part two Maryglenn shares how she can help authors get on radio and television and discusses national clipping services, listings in experts databases, soliciting short lead print media placements, and soliciting editorial calendar placements. Click here to listen to Part Two...

We also discuss some ways to connect with the target market through email, electronic newsletters, RSS feeds, podcasts like this one and through websites. Click here to listen to Part Three...

You may listen to Writers in the Sky here:

You may download Writers in the Sky podcast shows from here. You must have iTunes software loaded on your computer but you can download the free software at

Next week, I'll be interviewing Mary Buckner, author of sci-fi novels. You won't want to miss her story about landing a contract at more than one publishing house!

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Anonymous said...


A great interview.

I do, however, feel somewhat cheated. I grew up in Minnesota and, while I can scrape windshields with the best, it seems an inordinate level of creative talent has been bestowed upon those with a southern drawl.

The two of you did an excellent job - thanks for sharing your expertise,