Sunday, November 26, 2006

Press Release Services

When it comes to getting articles published in a trade magazine, the best thing to do is get copies of the magazines and see who the department editor is and what guidelines they have for submission. It is helpful to know the magazine’s publication schedule since many of them have a theme they try to work in each issue. Then, you will need to write a query letter pitching your idea for an article that would specifically fit their need. It might take a while to get some interest but once a magazine accepts you, many times they will ask you for a second article. With newspapers, it’s pretty much the same, but most don’t have a publication schedule since they are looking for news all day everyday on just about any topic. It’s important to know who to contact at the paper so your query gets to the right person.

For press releases you might consider some online news services such as:

You have to pay for some of these services, but people do go to these sites to read business news and the circulation is very good since people subscribe to the RSS feed. If you need a press release written and submitted to one of these sites, any writer on the Write On! Creative Writing Services team would be happy to assist you.

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