Monday, September 11, 2006

Writing for Website SEO by Rosi Stewart

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is vital to marketing a website. SEO could be defined as the “science of search” on the internet. It is the methodology of optimizing a website so that the website rises to the top of the list of sites when a search happens.

The first thought of a copywriter with regard to SEO would be to write as many key words into web site copy causing a search engine to pop that web site to the head of the list during a search. Writing web copy filled with key words is important. Knowing what key words that competitive web sites use is even more important. Understanding the range of search criteria that search engines follow to put competitor web sites at the top of the list is also vital.

Some significant technical tasks are involved: HTML coding, META word development, URL tracking, and linking competitive URLs. These require the use of SEO tools and the expertise of a webmaster or web designer. A web copywriter needs to work closely with these individuals to write the best copy to optimize a website for the most hits.

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