Monday, September 11, 2006

What Surrounds Your Writing Space? by Rosi Stewart

What surrounds your writing space? Not the intricate labyrinth inside your mind that captures, massages, and propels forth your thoughts and images but those unique items that are always near you as you craft your words. What is within your field of vision as you lift your eyes from computer or paper? Are they tangible muses?

Special items have been in my writing space for over 20 years. Having been packed and transported to live with me in three countries and four cities they are comforting symbols that continue to enrich my spirit.

Framed and hanging just above my eyes is Norman Rockwell’s Rosie the Riveter, symbol of the American Working Woman. She evokes creativity, an effort that meets the occasion, a willingness to try new things, belief in oneself, perseverance.

Next to my computer is a pair of silver meditation balls sitting in a small brass Korean bowl. The Korean bowl is a childhood treasure brought home by my dad after a military tour in Seoul. The brass breathes my dad’s discipline and strong work ethic.

The meditation balls I bought while bicycling across China, exploring a culture on two wheels. The Chinese believe that meditation balls press on acupressure points in the hand, opening up and increasing the energy flow in the body. When my mind gets stuffy and words begin to sputter I roll the silver balls past each other in the palm of one hand. Minutes later I do feel re-inspired and invigorated.

So, the question remains – what surrounds your writing space?

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