Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Writer vs. Ghostwriter and Ode to John Grisham

As a writer with my own business, I always anticipated that my writing would be more focused on web content, brochures, bios, press releases and the like. However, I was introduced to Ghostwriting. Now I know that while I love writing in general, Ghostwriting is my passion. How many people can say they found their passion?

I have also found that my forte' is writing fictional thrillers/suspense. It's a strange thing and I try not to analyze it. Call it a vivid imagination or a gift, but give me a subject and I find myself immersed in creating twists and turns. Do I know the ending when I start a book? NO, but somehow my fingers do as they tap the keys on my laptop. Do I follow an outline? Not usually.....Why? I don't know where I'm going until I get there!

It's a great gig. If YOU know anyone that needs a ghostwriter, I'm your girl.

More Musings Later-
Taryn Simpson

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