Sunday, August 27, 2006

You Are What You Love

You Are What You Love (Purple Haze Press 2006) by Vaishali is a Spiritual GPS map by which you can find your inner way home again. It shares a heartfelt and soulful exploration of the truth of why we are as Spirit, in need of a human experience.

The central core of the book is based on the wisdom of the Swedish mystic Emmanuel Swedenborg, and his insights on the nature of Spirit. Vaishali who has spent years gaining a profound understanding of the mystic Emmanuel Swedenborg progressive work and its wisdom has become the central core of her book You Are What You Love. Swedenborg says that heaven gave him permission to break through the purely spiritual dimension: where nothing is physical or mortal, only spiritual beings that make up the various levels of heaven. Though Swedenborg’s discoveries, Vaishali demystifies mysticism by in You Are What You Love by offering answers to many thought provoking questions about the pursue and attainment of Ultimate Truth…

Vaishali, follows the thread of Christianity, Buddhism, Sufism, Hinduism and the Jewish religions and ties them back to this central core teaching to reveal that we do not have love, we ARE love. You Are What You Love is designed to radically change the hearts of the reader, by freeing their love with truth of who and what we are. Consult the guidance of your heart to see if this love prescription is right for you. For More Info, a review copy or book on tape of You Are What You Love or to schedule an interview with Vaishali: Contact Stephen or Aime McCrory @ The Business Muse. 310-228-0943

FOR MORE ON VAISHALI VISIT: Audio Files also available per request.

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