Sunday, August 27, 2006

Help Search Engines Help You

One of the most important things I did to promote my business was to have my Web site redesigned by a professional web designer who knew what the search engines liked and didn't like. When he looked at my site, he noticed that I had things on my pages that were actually repelling Google or Yahoo search engines--things like pasting text from a MS Word document into the editing page of MS Frontpage. If you want a clean page that the engines will easily read and find, you need to use code language. That was something I knew very little about so I hired Jerry with Coolcats. Once my site was cleaned up and redesigned, the business leads really started coming in and I had more than paid for my investment in a professional designer.
See for yourself what a Web designer did for my site:

Now's the test and here's where I need your help. What words or phrases would you use if you were looking for a writer or ghostwriter? Please post your findings. Any one responding to this post will recieve a complimentary eBook from me.

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