Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Non-Ordinary Renewal - Poetry by Yvonne Perry

Non-Ordinary Renewal

All things being dismantled
to bring forth a structure
more grand than we have allowed ourselves to imagine.

Climbing out of the ash pit
where our inner and outer wars have a torn us apart and divided us
we begin to navigate the mundane in an entirely new way

Linked to the wisdom of our ancestors, who came from the stars,
we enter a new reality, a new planet
where bloodshed is not a trophy that makes people feel
empowered, safe, or free.

A new language of love
replaces the roar of judging monsters
that shame one’s sense of self and toss blankets of ill repute upon others

Reconfiguring ourselves to the core of our true essence
We tear down the altars built to the gods of destruction
and repair the bridge that leads to a new world
where peace, harmony, oneness, and joy are re-membered and brought to life

Spiraling in the progressive soup of higher wisdom and selfless intention, we ascend into a purer consciousness
Our spirit dreams become a ladder for safe passage

The new direction we are traveling leads to a place where interconnection with all life forms and respect for all species is linked with our desire for something greater, something more—the birth of the divine human.

(c) 2015 Yvonne Perry

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