Monday, April 06, 2015

Moving Out and Within - Poetry by Yvonne Perry

Moving Out and Within

I'm taking myself out of the terror-tory
and moving to the river by the tree in my belly.
There, Nature is my tarot-tory,
the quintessential place of substance and belonging,
my "She" ville in the Mother’s bedroom
where animals folic, play, and make love.

Facing east, the direction of new beginnings,
I move out of my comfort zone and into my flex zone
to brave the elements and free myself from the nightmare
that has held me hostage for so long I don’t even remember what it feels like to be free.
Leaning in to hear the buzz of the natural world
without the hum of the refrigerator

Submerging and going deeper
Breaking free from the frozen mist of murky mind games
Shielded from the system that uses death as currency for control
I redefine myself and drop down into the dream of my internal, eternal landscape,
the magical revelation of source with in me.

The logos glittering in my imagination writes a new script,
vibrates a newly dis-covered timbre of sounds and songs
of life beyond four walls, concrete concepts, and programmed pondering.
I arise to remember my spirit inside me, beside me, and in all things

(c) 2015 Yvonne Perry

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