Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Be - Poetry by Yvonne Perry


Feeling dismantled by my thoughts
and not recognizing myself in my emotions
the monster within makes its presence known
My mind racing to and fro
from past and future
Ashes from the past
kick up the winds of change
and keep me blind to where I am going.

I desired to be here, now.
Here, and only here.
Pick a lane–the slow and free lane–and mosey along
With no attachment or judgment
about how I should feel
or how things are supposed to be.

This multifaceted landscape of me and mine, you and yours,
is morphing into a smear of colors that show all things as one.
No need to decipher and identify, re-syphon or analyze.
No hand slapping or rewarding

I fly into the light of not knowing
Just being this full-body collage
allows my well-worn ego to become threadbare
as it unravels to reveal the unencumbered soul
where quiet has found a home

(c) 2015 Yvonne Perry

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