Thursday, February 12, 2015

The Grackle - Poetry by Yvonne Perry

The Grackle

Balance on the slippery edge
Taking a drink from a pond
Solo, alone, separated from the flock
What message does he bare
On this glistening, iridescence?
Emotions of the past
Are not real
They trip you
Keep you trapped
In yesterday’s fearful folly
Transmute, release, let go
Of all that binds you to sorrow
And distrust
Embrace, taste, make haste
Evolve into all that sets you free

That lonely bird is sick
Dying to old ways’
Where is his tribe?
Why are they letting him isolate himself
In his final hours?
Are they mourning from afar?
By the water’s edge he rests in peace
Liberated from the body that held him earthbound

(c) 2013 Yvonne Perry

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