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Replay to August 28, 2014 Walk-ins Among Us Group Coaching Call

Are you having a difficult time staying in your body? Are you feeling scattered or ungrounded? Got tons of mental chatter? These are indications of a fragmented soul. Shamanic support can call back soul fragments so they can be cleared and integrated.

On the August 28, 2014 replay of Walk-ins Among Us Group Coaching Call, Yvonne Perry and Dr. Susan Allison addressed the following questions and topics:

•Where does the walk-out soul go after a soul exchange? What is its mission?

•Is it normal to grieve the walk-out soul even if you know they had to go?

•Have you ever heard of a situation where walk-out soul fragments (traumatized portions fragmenting due to a very difficult life experience) did not immediately leave?

•Have you had to separate who you are from who your family or religion expects you to be?

•Susan shared about the event that she believes was a walk-in or soul exchange for her.

•How the walk-in or soul exchange that we saw in the 1980s and 1990s is different than the walk-in events we are seeing today

Ascension coach Yvonne Perry is a starseed walk-in who uses the codes of light to awaken the divine being within. She is the author of Walk-ins Among Us and Light Language Emerging. You’ll find her books, galactic light language readings, coaching services, and information about encoding the divine human at

Dr. Susan Allison and her late husband are “twin flames” who feel spiritually connected even though he is no longer in physical form. Susan gives her perspective about twin flames and soul mates. Her latest book, Our Spirits Dance, Poetry of Soul Mates, tells the story of their soul mated love over nineteen years. Susan is available for a free consultation to discuss twin flames.

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Yvonne Perry is the author of these books:

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