Monday, April 28, 2014

Replay for April Walk-ins Among Us Group Coaching Session

What a great discussion we had on Walk-ins Among Us Group Coaching Call this Thursday! Cayce Shostak and I enjoyed sharing insight and hearing from our listeners about these and other topics:

What are some indications that you have a pre-incarnate agreement with another soul to swap places at some point in life? What are some signs that you are about to have a walk-in? We discussed the joys and positive things about being a walk-in, but we tempered that discussion with a reality check on the difficulties one faces in clearing the emotional, mental, and physical bodies of the previous soul. In order to carry out your starseed mission, you have to remain in the body. However, you don't have to focus or dwell on all that is out of alignment around you. Try to stay neutral and soon there won't be highs and lows (the roller coaster ride), just better days and average ones. Some on our call were “brought on board” a spaceship or visited by a galactic being. This was not an abduction or traumatizing event--it was for learning purposes. Now that people are feeling safe to talk about this, we are finding that this occurance is not all that uncommon. Learn about multidimensional soul aspects and how they are being integrated into wholeness now, each having its own features and gifts to offer.

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