Monday, February 25, 2013

Some Things are Just Meant to Be

I went to dinner with my husband last Friday night to a Mediterranean restaurant on Nolensville Road that we had never been to. We had an RCI Platinum coupon in which we had to spend at least $35 to save $25. We had met the criteria after ordering an appetizer–the best eggplant hummus ever–Turkish tea, and separate entre├ęs. But, when we saw the desert case we went overboard.

A big chocolate scone-like yummy-ness, a Danish wedding cookie, a chocolate cookie with powdered sugar on top, and Baklava.

"We will take one of each," my husband told the waitress. She was a very friendly blonde with a raspy voice. Not only had she entertained us with her cute personality ever since we arrived, she had given us extra falafel and refills on the hot tea. It was obvious she loved her job. In fact, she shared that she had left a lucrative corporate job to return to waiting tables because she loved meeting people and hated being chained to her phone and laptop, even while on a family vacation. The three of us talked a lot as she came back to the table frequently. Normally, we would have been annoyed by an "overly attentive" server, but there was something about this gal that we both liked. We felt a connection with her for some reason.

When the check came, my husband paid the bill. I wondered why the waitress looked shocked when my husband held up his hand and shook his head "no" as she headed back to the table with his change. He forgot that the gratuity was already added to the bill before the $25 coupon was subtracted. He always tips generously, but this time he left a $15 tip. He realized it when he got to the car but we both just laughed.

"It was an entertainment fee," I said. "It's been a while since we've had so much fun with a waitress."

Okay, so we only saved $10 with the coupon. Some things are just meant to be!

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Mary Anne Gruen said...

What a nice story ... of the two of you. And a woman who knew what she wanted in life. Thanks for sharing it!