Wednesday, May 04, 2011

What of These Things Have you Done to Market Your Books?

Carol Batey and I will be teaching a teleclass tonight (Wednesday, May 4) on what it takes to sell your books online. During the call, we will go over each of the following items and tell why authors must do their own book promotion no matter how they publish.

____ Create a marketing plan in Excel or a planner
____ Maintain a blog specifically for the book
____ Get domain names and build a Web site for the book
____ Get endorsements
____ Get book reviews
____ Obtain radio, TV, newspaper, and magazine interviews
____ Create promotional videos and post them to YouTube and other social sites
____ Conduct a book tour (in-person or online)
____ Participate in the online launch of other authors’ books.
____ Write and send media releases
____ Write and post articles to online article directories
____ Write and send articles to print magazines
____ Participate in online forums pertaining to the topic of your book
____ Social marketing such as Facebook or Twitter
____ Comment on and link to other peoples’ blogs

Yvonne Perry and Carol Batey conducted and recorded a teleclass, “Authors Must Learn to Sell What They Write” on May 4.

Get the MP3 from the call now!

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