Monday, November 08, 2010

A Review of . . . How We Beat Diabetes

Book Title: How We Beat Diabetes
Author: Ronald S. Brown
ISBN: 1453541012
Publisher: Xlibris
Reviewer: Vonnie Faroqui for WITS

Useful and Encouraging

Diabetes is no laughing matter. How We Beat Diabetes is a meticulous chronicle of one family’s battle to reverse the disease. As a type two diabetic myself, I found the content of this volume to be interesting and informative. I was inspired by the quality and care taken to record the diabetes control detail and testing results. As a reference it is useful and informative, but not very personal.. The book does not include a chapter or interview with Mrs. Brown about how she felt before, during, or after making the changes in her lifestyle.

There are about 50 pages of written background information and support, with the remainder of the book being dedicated to records of the diabetes control detail. This informational section was helpful in understanding the therapeutic lifestyle changes taken. The author was able to inspire confidence that the choices made were based on proven practices, with the diabetes control detail and testing results as evidence supporting the regimen’s merit.

Although I am not a medical expert, I found the book to be encouraging and helpful. I learned a few things I didn’t know and am thankful to Ron for his work and to his family for sharing their journey. 

Doctors will tell patients to keep records but knowing what information is pertinent or how to record the diabetes control detail is something a diabetic is left to figure out alone. The mental toll for a person with diabetes can be very intense and a defeatist attitude is not uncommon. How We Beat Diabetes provides an example, a model for record keeping. Being able to see the success obtained through diet changes, diet supplements and exercise as recorded in the book is inspiring. I find myself wondering if I can recreate the Brown family’s success in my own life.

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