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The Devil and the Awesome Four: A Review by Vonnie Faroqui

Book Title: The Devil And The Awesome Four: volume one
Author: Patrick M. Cunningham
ISBN: 1449592708
Publisher: CreateSpace
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Reviewer: Vonnie Faroqui for WITS

Bloody Mayhem with Overtones of Dark Humor

The Devil and the Awesome Four is gruesome horror that will set the hair at the back of your neck on end and make you wonder why you turned that last page. This novel is part one of a series being written by Patrick M. Cunningham. It is adult reading and not suitable for children or the sensitive. Cunningham is targeting the thrill and gore audience, no bones about it.

The heroes of the book, Rodger, Ben Jackie, and Sarah are common enough folks that seem to have no purpose in life but to run into situations where they are the least prepared to do battle but the most effective. The guys have arrived in Los Angeles, USA, from Ireland, to make a new life for themselves. They go out for a good time on the town and find one in Jackie and Sarah. While the four introduce themselves and get-busy, the forces of darkness move in to shake things up around town.

All manner of evils are headed their way; from incompetent demon summoning Satanists, U.F.O.s, aliens on the hunt, Harry-the-lumberjack soul harvester, to an army of murdering mutants, and the grand Satan himself. It won’t be long before our four unsuspecting friends bond over more than just drinks. There is nothing like a little demon slaying and mutant wrangling to cement relations between a couple of guys and their girls.

Make no mistake; this book is full of blood, gore, violence, and sex. The pace from one impossible situation to the next is fast. If you are seeking the finer points and form found in Horror/Suspense literature, you are not going to find them. This is a horror piece of tormented imagination and blood lust. The author laying out serious whoop a**, on some very personal demons, to bring his reading audience this pinball-ricochet horror ride.

The Devil and the Awesome Four will appeal to fans of horror that are looking for the excitement and splatter of a B grade flick. Cunningham’s writing style reminds me of a Sam Rani film; horror that doesn’t take itself too seriously but gets the job done. The book is full of dark situational humor with crazy characters that are willing to run toward danger just for the thrill of it, because they can. If you are into camp horror films, The Devil and the Awesome Four is a screen play in the making. Give it to Sam!

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