Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Book to Help Parents of Children Who See Ghosts

Today is the launch of a great new book by Dr. Caron Goode. Kids Who See Ghosts, help to guide them through their fear. As part of the book launch, Dr. Goode is giving FREE gifts to everyone who purchases the book TODAY!  In fact, I am also contributing to the rich, substantial wealth of bonus gifts with three free e-books including a ghost story from The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children.

To see the bonuses, the partners, and where your buyers will receive their gifts, feel free to browse this page: http://kidswhoseeghosts.com/buy-now/bonus-page/

Kids Who See Ghosts: Guide Them Through Fear

If you like to help kids, then you’ll enjoy this newest, cutting edge information. I want to share this particular book, Kids Who See Ghosts, because it is already lighting new fires of knowledge and sparking conversations around the globe. Reading it, you’ll understand how children feel and experience their worlds of imaginary friends, ghosts or spirits. And you’ll learn how to soothe their fears, how to explore other realms, and help kids be resilient when facing the unknown.

The award-winning author of Raising Intuitive Children and Mom’s Choice Awards Lightworker of 2008, Dr. Caron Goode interviewed parents, educators, psychologists, a sensei, a skeptic, and psychics to present a well-rounded view of the kids-who-see-ghosts phenomenon. This trend seems to be increasing, which means parents need this book now!

Goode suggests you believe in your children, whether or not you believe in ghosts or spirits. Empowering kids is the goal, helping them to move through their fears and have more strength.

Buying on June 8th makes you are eligible to receive several thousand dollars worth of bonus gifts including free offers by acclaimed theater and acting star Shirley McClaine and more free bonuses from Dr. Caron Goode. A complete list of talented partners with free bonus offers is included below. For a detailed listing of all the bonus offers visit the Kids Who See Ghosts website at: http://kidswhoseeghosts.com .

• Yvonne Perry: Writers in the Sky
• Lynn Andrews: School for Sacred Arts and Training
• Dr. Tom Goode: EnergizeYouNow.com
• Dave Markowitz: DaveMarkowitz.com
• Shanta Gabriel: The Gabriel Messages
• Glenn Smith: Anxiety and Panic Attacks Gone
• Hillary Raimo: Intuitive, Metaphysical Teacher, Talk Show Host, Author
• Johnathan Goldman: Healing Sounds
• Devra Jacobs: Kinetics
• Andye Murphy and Gavin Harrill: PeeKSgroup
• Melissa Peil: Psychic, Teacher, Medium
• Kathy Kirk: Life Transformation, Natural & Simple
• Shelagh Jones: Spiritus.com
• Lynn Serafinn: Spirit Authors.com
• Ellen Braun: Raising Small Souls.com
• Melissa Halsey of Wisdom Word.com

Retrieving your bonus items is quick and easy! Here is what you do:

1. Purchase the book and receive the confirmation code for your purchase in an email from Amazon.com.

2. Visit the bonus page (http://kidswhoseeghosts.com) to verify your order number of 17 digits, grouped in three sections. An email will be sent providing the link to our Bonus Page. Browse at your leisure. Treat yourself to each gift and enjoy the benefits. Then read the book and become informed and up to date on this topic of increasing interest in today’s world.

I personally appreciate your participation and support for this award-winning author and her mission to help all kids sleep better at night.

Praise for this intriguing, informative and intelligent new approach to a hot topic

Laura Markham, Ph.D., founding editor of AhaParenting.com: “Sixty-five percent of all kids have imaginary friends during their first eight years of life, and countless children report conversations with a loved one who has died. How we understand these facts depends on our belief systems.

Jack Rourke, renowned psychic, parapsychological researcher, and author of Ghost Talk says, “Without confronting the validity of ghosts as an objective phenomena, one thing is certain: The subjective experiences of children who report ghost encounters are quite real and can leave uninformed parents feeling powerless. Kids Who See Ghosts is a compelling resource that draws upon Dr. Goode’s vast experience as a psychotherapist and provides a valuable tool for parents dealing with a paranormal concern.”

The launch is today. Go to http://kidswhoseeghosts.com/buy-now/ to purchase and get your free bonus gifts!

Caron will be my guest on my new spiritual show, We Are One in Spirit Podcast, July 8.

Yvonne Perry

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