Thursday, May 06, 2010

Tune into The Nadia Sahari Show to Hear Team Member Sarah Moore Today

Please make plans to tune in to The Nadia Sahari Show today at 11:00 am central time to hear an interview with WITS team member Sarah Moore. Feel free to join the conversation by calling with questions or comments during the interview at (347) 855-8333.

The Nadia Sahari Show offers a forum that is open to anyone who has achieved success against great odds. The show may feature one-on-one interviews or panel discussions. What does it take for you to live your dream? Who are your heroes? What hurdles have you overcome to achieve success? Share your experience with others on THE NADIA SAHARI SHOW.

Sarah will be discussing how her interest in writing developed, how she balances her responsibilities as a single mom and full-time writer, and what she sees unfolding in her career over the next five or ten years.

I hope you will listen to the interview and then let both Nadia Sahari and us know what you think!

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