Sunday, May 16, 2010

Single Mom Juggles Her Freelance Writing Career

Writers in the Sky editor Sarah Moore and I met at a political forum when I was volunteering with Toastmasters and the American League of Citizens and she was running for Metro Council. That was in 2003, the year I started my freelance writing business.

Sarah and I talked then about how she would like to do something that involved her love of writing. With her academic and teaching background, I would have loved to have her on my team, but since I was just starting out, it was not possible at the time.

Years passed, my business grew, and so did Sarah's family. Giving birth to her first child—a beautiful daughter named Catherine—Sarah became busy with her new role as a mother. After Catherine became an independent (ha ha!) two year old, Sarah was ready to return to work and supplement her household income. But the thought of leaving her child in an expensive daycare to go to a job she really didn't enjoy, was unappealing at best. Sarah and I agreed that the time for change had come. We were ready to take her writing and my business to the next level, so I began sending her writing assignments. She did a superb job with everything I ask her to do and soon she became our podcast coordinator and author's assistant.

Sarah became a single mom while she was pregnant with her second child. I watched her struggle through a divorce and find her legs as she took to a new position in life like a baby bird who was learning to fly. She never gave up, complained, or used her personal problems as an excuse to miss a project deadline. I was impressed to say the least.

Now, her day to really shine has come. Fully empowered as a business woman and single mom, Sarah is now a full-time writer and editor for the Writers in the Sky team. In taking this role, she passed her marketing baton to Vonnie Faroqui, who graciously accepted the role as podcast coordinator and author's assistant for WITS clients. 

On May 6, Sarah accepted an invitation to be a guest on The Nadia Sahari Show where she discussed how her interest in writing developed, how she balances her responsibilities as a single mom and full-time writer/editor, and what she sees unfolding in her career over the next five or ten years.

Listen to the interview now . . .

Spread your wings and fly, Sarah! WITS is proud of you.

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1 comment:

Sarah said...

Thanks, Yvonne! Being a part of the WITS team has been an amazing experience so far. Your friendship and mentoring has meant so much to me, especially over this past year of transition in my life.