Monday, April 19, 2010

CEO and Author Christopher Franklin Joins Podcast on Friday

Please plan to tune into our podcast this Friday when WITS team member Sarah Moore will be joined by Christopher Franklin, CEO and founder of Titan Financial Services, Inc. This Washington, D.C.-based company offers financial management to athletes, celebrities, and other high net worth clients. In his new release, Access Now: Behind the Line: The Key to Unlimited Possibilities, Christopher Franklin offers the keys to professional and personal success that he has learned along the way.

Mr. Franklin was raised in the small town of Rand, West Virginia and is a graduate of West Virginia University and the College of Law at the same school. After working and learning in prestigious accounting firms, he stepped out on his own to start Titan Financial Services, Inc. Through his focus on strategic partnerships, an emphasis on strong client relationships, and a coordinated public relations effort, Christopher Franklin has developed a company that sets an example for others in the industry to follow. The success that Franklin has enjoyed in his field, as well as his natural leadership style, has made him a featured writer in multiple journals and newspapers and a sought-after speaker.

In Access Now, Christopher Franklin offers time-tested advice and places it in a contemporary context. He uses relevant examples from today's culture and includes perspectives from leaders and entrepreneurs throughout history to reinforce his points. He stresses the importance of both individual responsibility and building relationships.

Please visit the Amazon website to purchase Access Now.

Author: Christopher Franklin
ISBN: 978-1-60162-175-7
Publisher: Penguin Group Inc.
Genre and Target Market: self-help, leadership
Publication Date: 2009
Book Length in Pages: 162

Reviewed by: Sarah Moore

Ever since I reached the age that I was given the freedom to roam by myself at the local library, I always gravitated towards biographies. I simply loved reading the life stories of others. Were there patterns that determined their successes or failures? Were there consistent keys to happiness? What actions did they take in life that I wanted to model in my own? As I matured, I came to the realization that what I craved was information about how I could translate what brought success to others into my own life. With this focus in mind, I was thrilled to discover a new publication that offers a fresh and well-crafted outlook on making the most out of life. Access Now by Christopher Franklin is a must-read for anyone who wants to reach their professional and personal goals, enjoy success on a level that previously seemed unattainable, and be a leader in every area of life.

Franklin brings to his writing a background that is filled with evidence of his hard work, intelligence, and drive to succeed. He grew up in a small West Virginia town that formed the foundation for his values and work ethic and went on to become the CEO and President of his own company, one that is respected throughout the country. Along the way, he gathered experiences that provide the lessons he shares in Access Now. Franklin is offering his advice as someone who has been in the trenches and who knows what it takes to excel.

Access Now is written with language that is clear, effective, and masterfully crafted. You may have heard some of the advice that Franklin offers before from a mentor, professor, or even your grandma, because concepts such as identifying a clear vision for your future and making a decision to learn something new every day are points of common sense passed down through the generations. But, Franklin compiles the keys to success in Access Now in a way that is fresh, exciting, and relevant to today’s society. I have not read a recent self-help book that parallels the work of Christopher Franklin in its ability to relay the path to success and goal attainment.

The way in which Access Now is formatted also makes it ideal for effective and memorable study. The chapters are laid out as outlines, much as one would expect in a classroom setting, with each one offering a new lesson for success. Franklin periodically inserts quotations from famous leaders, academics, and celebrities, which provide cultural connections and serve as points for reflection on the material. He also includes numerous, real-life examples of those who had overcome roadblocks or blazed a new path for success. And, he ends each lesson with a summary of the important concepts that readers should embrace in order to create their own success story.

Access Now by Christopher Franklin is a great book for anyone who is looking to get more out of life, both personally and professionally. Franklin reminds all of us that it is not an Ivy League degree or your family pedigree that determines success, but your personal drive to be disciplined, deliberate, and a student of your chosen craft that will affect your ultimate success. Speaking from the vantage point of someone who has enjoyed amazing and intentional success in his own life, Christopher Franklin now shows the heart of the teacher with Access Now. I have no doubt that this book is one that will remain within close reach on my bookshelf and will be used as reference time and again.

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