Saturday, March 20, 2010

Breakaway: How I Survived Abuse by Nadia Sahari

Today WITS blog welcomes Nadia Sahari as she discusses her new book Breakaway: How I Survived Abuse. 

Nadia Sahari was born in Beirut, Lebanon. She came to America at the age of two. Nadia is the eldest of eight children: five sisters and two brothers. She speaks fluent Lebanese. She has been an entrepreneur most of her life to help in the support of her two children. At times she worked three jobs a day, keeping a hectic pace which eventually led to a breakdown. But Ms. Sahari stood up again and continued the fight to make her dreams come true. She never gave up.

Ms. Sahari has also been a guest panelist on the Oprah show. Oprah has requested a copy of Ms. Sahari's memoir. Currently, she is training, auditioning, and working on commercials and film. Recently she has been cast as Charlotte's Aunt in the movie Bandslam, showing in 2009, and as a Reporter in the movie Conflict of Interest, which will be showing in theaters in 2010. She is thrilled about both of these roles.

Nadia's memoir Breakaway: How I Survived Abuse was revised and released in September 2009 and is available in most bookstores and, and It is a must read for women and young girls everywhere. Breakaway lifts the veil on her struggle for freedom from abuse. Until her twenties, she was a victim of many abuses, including molestation, repeated beatings, rape, kidnapping, illegal abortion, and several attempts on her life. Miraculously, she survived. Through it all, she clung to her dream to be an actress. She never gave up. Today, she is finally living her dream after years of healing and forgiveness. She is free at last!

Breakaway is the breathtaking and courageous story of one woman's survival of molestation, rape, repeated beatings, domestic violence, and other attempts on her life.

• Nadia reveals hope, courage and inspiration!

• A true story of personal freedom

• Highly revealing memoir - dramatic details of more than 18 years of abuse.

In “Breakaway: How I Survived Abuse” the author Nadia Sahari tells us the story of her life. Unfortunately, many of the events that she experienced in her early years were heart wrenching because they involved sexual and physical abuse. She bares her soul to us as she describes horrific events that she experienced.

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