Monday, March 01, 2010

Author Jennifer Chase Makes a Return Visit to Podcast This Week

We always love when our favorite authors return to share a new work with our listeners! Be sure to join us this Friday when the WITS podcast series welcomes back Jennifer Chase as she discusses her book Dead Game. This thriller is the second novel to feature Emily Stone, a woman who works on her own to track down the most dangerous criminals in our society. Unlike Chase's first novel, Compulsion, Dead Game enters the world of online social networks and Emily Stone must stop a serial killer who uses these internet communities to find his victims.

Jennifer Chase brings a background in criminology and forensic psychology to her work and considers herself an ongoing student of this ever-changing field. Her two published books are Compulsion and Dead Game.

Title of Document: Book Review
Book Title: Dead Game
Author: Jennifer Chase
ISBN Number: 978-1-4327-5128-9
Genre and Target Market: thriller; fiction; criminal psychology
Publication Date: 2010
Book Length in Pages: 370

Reviewed by: Sarah Moore

As someone who is involved in the world of writing and publishing for a living, I am presented with dozens of books every month by authors whose names I did not know before their work was placed on my desk. In most instances, I enjoy the writer’s individual expression of talent and appreciate the great deal of time and effort that was required to share a story. While I am always pleased at having a new book to add to my collection, the relationship with the author normally does not extend much after my completion of the review. Occasionally, however, I am introduced to an author whose work I am compelled to share with friends and fellow book lovers. These exciting moments of discovery create one of best instances of personal satisfaction that I experience in my line of work. Jennifer Chase is one of those authors for whom I want to offer praises and publicity. With the release of her second novel, Dead Game, Chase has only solidified my opinion.

Dead Game brings the readers to the next episode in the life of Emily Stone, a protagonist who was introduced to all of us in Chase’s first book, Compulsion. Stone is a stealth vigilante who tracks down the rapists, murderers, and pedophiles that live among us and then anonymously collects the evidence needed to bring these criminals to justice. In Dead Game, Emily learns about a serial killer who also likes to work behind the protection of anonymity, but for very different reasons.

Author Jennifer Chase has decided to feature the world of online social networking for her new release, and the plot here does not involve rekindling a romance with a high school boyfriend through Facebook or sharing opinions about controversial political decisions on a MySpace blog. Instead, Chase creates a virtual world in which serial killers are able to connect and share their disturbing obsession with the torture and murder of others. One man in particular enters the radar of Emily Stone and her boyfriend and fellow investigator, Rick Lopez, when his penchant for violence reaches Lopez’s mentor. What unfolds over the next 370 pages, in both the virtual and physical worlds, will keep readers guessing and anxiously turning the pages to allow the story to unfold.

As she did with Compulsion, Jennifer Chase has created with Dead Game a novel that literally took my breath away on multiple occasions. She does a masterful job of revealing just enough details to keep you invested in the plot and characters without ever showing her hand too quickly. In several instances, I made assumptions concerning who was behind the savage kidnapping and murders of unsuspecting men and women only to have my instincts betrayed by a new piece of absolving evidence.

With her sophomore effort, author Jennifer Chase proves that she has real staying power in the world of thriller and mystery writing. Whether or not you have already met Emily Stone through Chase’s first novel, you will be able to become fully engrossed in the storyline of Dead Game. With a plotline that develops through the perspective of several characters to the authentic psychology of serial killers that Chase is able to provide from her own educational background to a heroine who is relatable in both her courage and her flaws, Dead Game is a novel that is not to be missed.

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