Wednesday, February 17, 2010

7 Quick & Easy Steps to Write AND Sell Your First Book Proposal

Writing a book sounds exciting and profitable, right?

You've been to workshops and lectures where the seminar leaders are obviously cashing in on their books and other information products at the back of the room, and maybe you've thought, "WOW! I'm just as smart as THAT guy (or gal) and I'm an expert in my own industry. I think I'll write my own book!"

Well, you're right! You could write a book and you could profit from it if you can persuade a publisher to buy it (or publish it yourself). That's the good news.

The bad news is that you can't just walk in off the street and expect the major publishing companies to want to invest their time, energy, and resources in your book. You need an excellent, point-by-point book proposal to hand them, which addresses their concerns and speaks to them in terms they understand.

"The trouble is that most first-time writers haven't a clue of what needs to go in a proposal or why a publisher asks to see the elements in a standard proposal... How Do You Analyze YOUR TARGET MARKET, for example? COMPARABLE BOOKS! What's that about?

I have no doubt that you feel compelled to write a book. And that you have something to say that is special, entertaining, and could perhaps help to make the world a better place. (Otherwise you wouldn't even be reading this page.) Maybe you've even been dreaming about doing your book for years.
Publishing companies want to publish GOOD BOOKS. That's true. But they ONLY invest in authors today who understand the business of MARKETING.

Before you try to impress publishers with your ideas... You need to design a clever, well thought out PLAN to put your book in the hands of readers. This step by step system,

7 Quick & Easy Steps to Write AND Sell Your First Book Proposal, will help you achieve success!

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