Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Writing as a Marketing Tool Interview

Recently I was interviewed by Schall Adams of Girlfriend Mentors and I want to share the information with you! The subject, “Writing as a Marketing Tool” is very timely in the current economy. If you are like me and have decided NOT to participate in recession thinking, I’m sure you will find this interview packed full of tools that you can use to drive business your way and move your business forward.

Did you know that many successful companies started or grew in economic downturns? It’s true! And, and I am of the belief that if one person can do something, then we can all do it!

I shared information on these topics:

1. The types of writing you could and should use in your marketing: media releases, email, article marketing, blog writing, social media, web site text, books & eBooks, brochures, marketing materials, and bios.

2. How to get comfortable with all the writing? Specific tips and strategies for handling all the writing that must be done.

3. How to specifically use each type of writing as a marketing tool.

As you can see the information could significantly impact your marketing. With that in mind please accept this gift as my way of saying thanks for being a part of my business!

To access the interview, Girlfriend Mentors is providing you a 3-day pass to their site (no credit card needed) and you can use it whenever you choose. You’ll have three days from the first login. You are also welcome to access any of the other mentors on the site, read articles, participate in wisdom circles, download other interviews, and ask questions.

Here is your special link to access my interview and the entire Girlfriend Mentors site: http://tinyurl.com/GFInterview. Feel free to share this link with your girlfriends!

Yvonne Perry
Ghostwriter, Editor, Owner
Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services

PS: If you decide to become a Girlfriend Mentors member and join in the quest to create a worldwide sisterhood of highly developed women, please use this link: http://tinyurl.com/GFMentor

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