Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What POD would not want to help their published authors sell books?

Publish on demand companies get a percentage of the royalties from the books their clients (authors) sell, right? Writers in the Sky Newsletter is filled with articles, information, and marketing tips to help authors do just that. Outskirts Press, Published by Westview, and Nightengale Press (all PODs) send us their authors so we can help them effectively promote their books at an affordable price, which in the end benefits the POD.

What POD would not prefer to have authors bring them a well-written and edited book rather than a junk manuscript to publish? Both the author’s and the POD’s reputation is on the line. Writers in the Sky Creative Writing Services works with the authors one-on-one as a mentor, writing coach, or editor by-the-hour to help authors improve their book before seeking publication. Better books make for better sales.

I encourage you to check out the content of Writers in the Sky Newsletter. The current issue as well as archived issues are accessed at "Network With Us" is a regular feature that allows anyone in the book industry to submit an announcement about an upcoming event, book release, short advertorial, or brag. This would definitely benefit PODs.

Our first issue of 2010 features an article about getting POD books into libraries as well as the following goodies:

Article: "Getting Books into Libraries"
WITS Podcast Schedule
Article: "Turning the Dream into a Manuscript"
Network With Us
Article: "To Pseudonym Or Not to Pseudonym"
This month's book reviews
Article: "Espresso Machine—In-store Book Printing"
Poems from our readers

Check it out January 2010 issue at

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