Friday, January 01, 2010

Author K. L. Lewis Kicks Off a New Year of Podcast Interviews

Please spend part of your New Year's Day with WITS as we begin another year of podcasts with authors and others in the writing and publishing industry. Today, author's assistant Sarah Moore sits down with author K. L. Lewis to discuss her new book Kendra's Pearl. This novel details the turbulent relationship between a mother and daughter. Following the death of Kendra's father when she was a young girl, her mother becomes increasingly abusive and takes out her rage and resentment on her daughter. Will Kendra find a way to break this cycle of abuse that her mother has set as the example?

During the interview, Ms. Lewis will be discussing why she selected such an emotional topic for her first novel, what the writing process was like for her, and the message that she hopes readers will take away from Kendra's Pearl.

Click here to listen... to the entire interview.

Please visit the Amazon website to purchase Kendra's Pearl. You may learn more about author K. L. Lewis and her writing by visiting her website or her blog.

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