Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Writer Benefits at SquidLog

SquidLog.net is a new social network that offers a customizable platform for writers of all genres. Authors can promote their books and increase their online presence by customizing and accessing all their online work in one platform.
On SquidLog.net, writers will be able to promote their books and other work, produce new content, personalize their profile, interact with other members, participate in groups, plug their Squidoo lenses, and import outside blogs. It’s an all-in-one place to gain readership, share writer resources, and generate content.
SquidLog attracts both experienced and new lensmasters, who want to utilize Squidoo lenses, or websites, as a promotional tool. As a central place to share all types of online-related topics, SquidLog members will find solutions to their questions about Squidoo and other topics. Experienced lensmasters participate and freely share their knowledge.
Writer Benefits at SquidLog include:

  • Free Membership – A short registration and free membership provides access to your profile and the site’s tools.
  • Start a Blog – Writers can start a blog on marketing, their books, or writing resources. Blog topics are limited only by members' imagination and passion.
  • Import an Existing Blog – Writers can import a blog from another site and then continue the blog right from SquidLog.
  • Join or Start a Group – SquidLog offers group tools for anyone who wants to mentor a group. Writers can start a group on their interests or join one of the existing groups, like WordPress Tips and Tricks or Publishing Project Collaborations.
  • Featured Content Shows Latest News – Content is user-driven. Activity on all members' blogs, groups, comments, and posts become the featured content on the landing page.
  • Gain New Readers – With featured content, readers can scan new activity and follow a writer's work across their blogs, sites, or lenses.
  • Interact In One Site – By following the featured content, members can stay on top of everyone’s content and activities. Members can interact with each other in one place, on SquidLog, rather than jumping from site to site to read their favorite blogs.
In March 2009, power Squidoo lensmasters (also known as Giant Squids) Anne Corcino and Achim Thiemermann co-founded SquidLog.com. Within its first three months, SquidLog was ranked second, behind Squidoo itself, for highest traffic of Squidoo-themed sites. Corcino and Thiemermann wanted it to grow dynamically from a resource site to a central place for everyone to interact and share a variety of topics. With the power of SquidLog's high ranking, authors can promote their newest books and introduce readers to their blogs or sites.

SquidLog.net began in October 2009 and offers free membership, a marketing platform, and a social network to all Squidoo lensmasters, authors, and writers.
Jennfer Akers, a freelance writer and Squidoo lensmaster, writes on a variety of topics, including social networking, writing resources, and online business. Join Jennifer and other writers on her SquidLog profile: http://squidlog.net/members/jennifer-akers/profile/
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L. Diane Wolfe said...

What a way to capitalize on an existing platform!

Yvonne Perry said...

Thanks for the comment, Diane! Very spunky of you. :)

Jennifer Akers said...

Think of the possibilities for authors and writers to create their own groups and blogs, using SquidLog.

For writers who are curious about Squidoo (a site where authors can earn money and promote their work), SquidLog is the perfect place to find answers. SquidLog founders and other members are available to answer questions. It's friendly, free, and a great resource.

Yvonne Perry said...

I have several lens at Squidoo I need to update. Thanks for the reminder.

Anne said...

Wow, Thanks for the feature! It would be great to see more writers active in the community. Many Squidooers could surely benefit from tips how to improve their writing skills ;)