Saturday, December 12, 2009

Spirit of the Season Catalog

Here's a note from my networking buddy, Carolyn Howard-Johnson. This looks like an interesting holiday site so I thought I'd pass it on. Feel free to share it with others.

The holidays are upon us. I’m excited to share this amazing holiday catalog with products you have never seen before. It’s called the Spirit of the Season Catalog—for your gift giving pleasure—but also as an example of an excellent approach at the kind of promotion that is effective for authors because it is helpful for others. So won't you please visit this transformational approach to gift giving.

For those of you who are tired of trinket-filled catalogs and are looking for special gifts that change people’s lives, the Spirit of the Season Catalog is perfect.

For the first time ever, this online catalog offers a shopping experience that is fast, fun and green. It features bestselling books, unusual and personally- empowering, self-enriching products and services in a varied collection from amazing authors, coaches, gurus and mentors.

You’ll find gifts in the Spirit of the Season Catalog in the following categories: art, inspirational, motivational, business opportunities, success & wealth building, health and energy healing, Law of Attraction workshops, intuitive healing, all genres of fiction and a variety of non-fiction to empowering products that will light anyone’s life and many more too numerous to mention.

Many sellers are even giving a portion of their earnings to charity helping others around the world like the women of an African village (who actually make the jewelry we are selling) and the children of St. Anthony’s Orphanage in Italy.

The brainchild of Denise Cassino and Dr. Anna Maria Prezio, the Spirit of the Season Catalog will be issued seasonally. The unique aspect of the catalog is that the founders take no profits but offer joint venture partners an opportunity to showcase a vast array of Internet based products and their amazing artistry often overlooked during the holiday shopping experience.

It’s the catalog that keeps on giving throughout the season(s). Please share it with your friends, family and contacts! You can do so by simply copying this letter, adjusting it to your needs and sending it to others.

I shared this opportunity with writers before and several Sharing with Writers subscribers are part of it. Thus, we can't go wrong when writers share with writers.

Happy Writing, Promoting and Editing, too. And Happy Holidays, too!
Carolyn Howard-Johnson

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