Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Children's Book Tour Continues

The tour for my latest book, The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children continues this week with the following stops:

Sunday, December 6 Yvonne’s Facebook and Twitter friend, Lisa J. Jackson, volunteered her blog, Lisa Haselton's Reviews & Interviews as the tour stop.

Monday, December 7 Liana Metal will host Yvonne on Art Stories with an article about how she worked with 15-year-old Hayley John to create the illustrations for The Sid Series.

Tuesday, December 8 Hal Manogue of Short Sleeves Insight will host Yvonne on with the posting of an article about children having remembered past lives.

On Wednesday, December 9 Chelle Cordero will host a “Woman in Charge” interview of Yvonne as an author and business entrepreneur. You don’t want to miss “Combining Authorship and Free-Lance Writing Business” on Chelle Cordero’s Promo Page

Thursday, December 10 Sidney’s mother, Amanda McCurley, will host Yvonne on Fashionably Late by providing a book review and her thoughts about her son being the main character and inspiration for The Sid Series.

Friday, December 11 Mama Paro and her three kittens: Elina, Bibble, and Tuktuk, will write a book review for The Sid Series. You’ll get a child’s perspective of the book when you visit

Saturday, December 12 Anita Revel has invited Yvonne to stop by Daily Blissings and discuss why she is thankful for the learning process of self-publishing using Lightning Source.

The Sid Series is a collection of body-mind-spirit stories that focus on life skills such as overcoming fear, helping others, being true to one’s self, following inner guidance, caring for the body, having self-worth, appreciating diversity, dealing with change, accepting death, being environmentally conscious, and using spiritual gifts.

A virtual book tour is a great way to network since both parties get new visitors to their blogs as a result of a joint publicity efforts. If you want to read the articles where I've already visited or if you want to let others know about this tour schedule, go to

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