Monday, November 30, 2009

This Week's Podcast Will Feature Book That Teaches Readers How to Do Business with the Government

Please plan to join us this Friday as we welcome Ed Benjamin to the Writers in the Sky podcast. Mr. Benjamin will be discussing his new book Cash in on the Obama $3 Trillion Spending Plan!, which provides detailed information about how to offer your goods or services or receive a grant from the government.

Ed Benjamin, a retired Air Force Colonel, has spent years helping clients win over $12 billion in contract awards. Now, he has decided to share his successful approach to proposal writing with everyone. This book is for everyone, from the experienced entrepreneur to the novice who has never before pitched an idea.

Please visit the Amazon website to purchase Cash in on the Obama $3 Trillion Spending Plan!

Title of Document: Book Review
Book Title: Cash in on the Obama $3 Trillion Spending Plan!
Author: Ed Benjamin, Colonel, USAF (retired)
ISBN Number: 978-1-4327-4428-1
Genre and Target Market: government, business
Publication Date: 2009
Book Length in Pages: 186

Reviewed by: Sarah Moore

I am not revealing any great secret by sharing that our country is struggling through difficult economic conditions. The unemployment rate has risen above ten percent for the first time in more than twenty-five years and home foreclosures continue to be a regular feature on the real estate market. When President Obama took office nearly a year ago, one way that he determined to improve the situation was through a stimulus package that was part of a $3 trillion budget. For many people, all of the activity in Washington, which also funnels down to the state and local governments, seems to be a bureaucratic endeavor removed from their everyday lives. However, a new book by Ed Benjamin explains how any one of us can make money from the spending decisions of our government.

Cash in on the Obama $3 Trillion Spending Plan! is written by a man whose expertise on the subject is undeniable. Ed Benjamin, a retired Air Force Colonel, spent years involved in weapons system procurement for the military and since then has used this knowledge to help clients win over $12 billion in contracts. Whether or not you agree with the policies of President Obama, Benjamin shows you why there is no reason that you cannot benefit from the administration’s decisions.

This book is designed for everyone, from the experienced entrepreneur who is ready to extend his business into the public sector to the person who has never before considered proposing an idea to the government. Benjamin covers every aspect of the proposal process, from explaining how the government buys goods and services and what the basic qualifications are for being a part of this business to how to read a solicitation and write a proposal that gives you the best chance for success. The book even includes a great section listing helpful resources for every state. Once the readers take even a quick look through the contents of Cash in on the Obama $3 Trillion Spending Plan!, I believe they will be convinced that dealing with the government is not such an intimidating prospect after all.

Even though Ed Benjamin is clearly an expert in his field, he does not forget to include the most basic of concepts. The table of contents delineates every paragraph and the topic it features. In fact, the book is written much like a proposal—a proposal that encourages readers to get involved! Website links are shared through the book so that readers are able to retrieve more details about specific programs. There is not a single page in Cash in on the Obama $3 Trillion Spending Plan! that does not help its readers towards their final goal.

Cash in on the Obama $3 Trillion Spending Plan! probably is not a book that you will curl up with for a lazy afternoon at the beach. It’s not even meant to read from beginning to end. Instead, it is a manual that was created to get marked, creased, and well-worn as its owner takes the steps necessary to earn his or her piece of the $3 trillion pie. Ed Benjamin has written an accessible and content-rich tool that is based in experience and an obvious ability to teach. If you are ready to learn a new way to create your own success, get a copy of Cash in on the Obama $3 Trillion Spending Plan! today!

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