Friday, November 13, 2009

Students and Parents: Today's Podcast is Not One to Miss!

Joseph Adegboyega-Edun has worked in the education field for more than two decades as both a high school counselor and college advisor in Maryland. He brings his professional expertise to his new book Succeeding in High School: A Handbook for Teens and Parents plus a College Admissions Primer. In this book, Mr. Adegboyega-Edun shares what to expect from each year of high school, how to deal with the academic and social pressures, and what the various options are for post-secondary education and employment.

During his interview with author's assistant Sarah Moore, Joseph Adeboyega-Edun will discuss how students should select classes and manage their time, what parents can do to help their teenage children, and when families should start thinking about what happens after graduation.

Click here to listen... to the entire interview.

To purchase Succeeding in High School, please visit the Amazon website.

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