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Author Abe Rosa Will Join Podcast on Thursday

Author Abe Rosa will be featured on a special Thursday edition of the Writers in the Sky podcast to discuss his new release The Drummer. In this short novel, lead character Angela is a superstar drummer in a rock band who is recruited by an underground organization. Her mother has been kidnapped for distributing Christian materials by a United States government that has outlawed religion and Angela is the only one who can find her and save her. Will "the drummer" be able to reach her mom in time, and will her convictions be changed along the way?

Abe Rosa is a first-time author who has always shared his faith through unconventional methods, including his tattoos. He sees this book as another opportunity for outreach.

To purchase The Drummer, please visit the Amazon website.

Book Title: The Drummer
Author: Abe Rosa
ISBN: 978-1-4327-4509-7
Genre and Target Market: fiction; Christian; thriller
Publication Date: 2009
Book Review by: Sarah Moore

There is a variety of ways through which an author can present a message through his work. In some instances, the lesson being taught is a blatant one that is plainly on display as the primary focus on the book. Other times, the important theme may be more subtle and only strike the reader after the book is closed and reflected on in its entirety. With the third approach, the author can make his message an imperative component of the story but integrate it with an accompanying plot that is compelling on its own merits. The last approach was the one taken by author Abe Rosa in his new release The Drummer. Rosa creates an action-packed sequence of events as the backdrop for sharing his faith with his readers, and certainly leaves people with some serious questions to ponder.

The Drummer was created as one avenue through which author Abe Rosa could share his Christian beliefs with others. However, this is far from your typical “how and why you should get saved” book. Rosa paints a picture of a time in America in which Christianity is banned by the government under the threat of death. Angela Reyes is a superstar drummer with the band MUDROCKET who learns that her mother has been arrested for distributing Christian materials. While not a believer in Christ herself, Angela answers the call when recruited by the United Movement to Advance Christianity (UMAC) to save her mother’s life. As the mission progresses and her own life is threatened, Angela’s long-held cynicism towards the faith of her parents is tested.

Author Abe Rosa does a great job of creating a fast-paced plot that brings the reader into the lives and fears of his characters. While a compact work at only forty-six pages, The Drummer feels like a lengthier novel as there is so much action on every page. The pace that Rosa takes with the story mimics the speed with which Angela and the others at UMAC must work to save her mother’s life and this compels the reader to move forward until reaching the end. The high-energy nature of the novel, as well as its inclusion of a rock band and a young heroine who displays a relatable attitude toward religion, will be particularly appealing to adolescent and collegiate readers.

There is no doubt that The Drummer is a controversial book that is perfect for sparking discussion. Abe Rosa describes a country that some in the United States believe could become a frightening reality as the debates over religious liberties and the role of government in our lives are increasingly finding their way into our evening news. However, to promote the idea that the president in the novel should be eliminated along with other government officials who support the ban on Christianity will be quite shocking to some readers. This book almost requires time for a group debriefing, as I am sure the opinions on its content will be strong and varied.

Whether you are a Christian who echoes the sentiment of the author, someone who is curious about faith and the possible future it faces, or just a reader who enjoys a good thriller, you will take away something from reading The Drummer. Author Abe Rosa has written a book that is sure to be discussed and remembered by all who encounter it.

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