Friday, October 30, 2009

The Sid Series ~ A Collection of Holistic Stories for Children

Writers in the Sky Podcast interviews a very special guest today and he's the youngest guest we've ever had on the show. Sidney McCurley is Yvonne's 8-year-old grandson, and he's the inspiration behind the series of children’s books written by Writers in the Sky owner Yvonne Perry.

The two of them enjoyed adventures which led to the writing of The Sid Series of holistic stories. Through these stories children can learn wonderful lessons about love, acceptance, using spiritual gifts, and much more.

The individual stories were published as separate e-books and sell for $3 each on Yvonne's Web site. Now, the print version containing all twelve stories is available. Please visit The Sid Series Web page to learn more.

Inspired by adventures Yvonne has had with her first-born grandson named Sidney, each story in The Sid Series (ISBN:9780982572207) focuses on skills such as overcoming fear, being environmentally conscious, helping others, being true to one’s self, and following inner guidance.

This collection of body-mind-spirit stories highlights unique lessons about love, acceptance, self-worth, caring for the body, diversity, facing fears, dealing with change, experiencing the death of a pet, using spiritual gifts, and psychic experiences today’s children exhibit. There’s even a book about recycling that alludes toward organ donation.

On our show today, Sidney will discuss how he served as Yvonne’s muse, the spiritual gifts that he shares with his grandmother, and what other children can get from reading these stories that bear his name.

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Titles in The Sid Series include the following:

Sid’s Fairy ~ Learning about Inner Guidance
A Stormy Adventure ~ Facing the Fear of Storms
The Pirate’s Treasure ~ Finding Treasure Within
You Can Be! ~ Understanding Destiny and Making Choices
Ask Your Body ~ Understanding the Body’s Needs
A Ghost in My Closet ~ Communicating with Angels
A Powerful Potion ~ The Power of Imagination
My Friend’s Skin ~ Accepting and Appreciating Diversity
Puppy Love ~ Dealing with the Death of a Pet
Old Things New ~ Learning About Recycling
Always Be Honest ~ Learning to Tell the Truth
Making Room for Brother ~ Coping with Family Changes

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