Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Proof Copy of the Sid Series

I got the proof copy of The Sid Series today. The cover looks fantastic! The interior? Not so much.

Things really look different in print than they do on the screen! I've got about 50 changes to make to the layout before I can offer the book to the public. If only I had printed the book out before now. I hope to meet with my technical book guru tomorrow to get these changes underway.

Then, it's back to Lightning Source to upload the revised book interior. I promise, I will get this book done! I have to; my 8-year-old grandson, Sidney, is going to be my podcast guest next Friday! He's the main character in the book and I can't let him down!

I could write another book about all the things not to do when self-publishing a book. Maybe I should have used a publish-on-demand service to bring this book to market, but nooooo, I have to do things the hard way. :) I'm sure I'll be better at this when I publish my next book. If only I could get college credits for attending the School of Hard Knocks and Experience. Hmmmmm....

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