Friday, August 21, 2009

TGIF August 21, 2009! Author Lillian Brummet

Lillian Brummet will be joining us today on Writers in the Sky Podcast to discuss her latest book Purple Snowflake Marketing! Learn why bookmarks are one of the best and most effective tools for marketing a book. Lillian shares how to build your platform, why online marketing is more cost-effective than hiring a traditional publicist, and how to determine your target market by making a list of labels for yourself and your book. Her book teaches you how to create a marketing plan before you submit your query letter to a publisher.

Purple Snowflake Marketing - How To Make Your Book Stand Out In A Crowd, is a reference guide for self-marketing authors who want to be noticed in a snow storm of writers. With nineteen chapters and twenty-five appendices, this book is a means for authors to design an effective marketing plan and utilize frugal promotional tools with the click of their mouse. Whether it is utilized by order of chapters or randomly at the reader's discretion the book is a marketing plan in itself. The book makes use of breaks and ample headings to break up the monotony of learning. Readers will find the multiple headings useful when they wish to refresh their memory on a particular aspect, and will feel encouraged to create a marketing plan that suits their unique situation.The book also provides over 900 resources that will accelerate your marketing efforts far beyond your peers. Purple Snowflake Marketing provides reassurance to authors along with ample advice for avoiding pit-falls and setting a pace for marketing endeavors. This e-book was originally released in June 2007 and since then has made the recommended reading lists of more than a dozen writing courses. Authors of most genres will find this inspiring book an essential component for marketing their book.

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Dave and Lillian Brummet have been writing professionally as a team since 1999, starting out as free lance writers which they continue to do today. To date, they have written three published books. The Brummets are also the hosts of the Conscious Discussions talk radio show and of the Authors Read radio program. They supplement these activities with two blogs and a newsletter in an effort to provide ample information to their audience. The main focus of their work is to inspire hope in individuals, helping them realize the value of their efforts and encouraging them to become more positive, proactive in life.

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Lillian Brummet said...

Thank you so much for the great opportunity to speak with you and your audience on how to develop an effective marketing plan. :)

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