Wednesday, August 12, 2009

How Much Time Does It Take to Successfully Market a Book?

After putting 600 hours into the actual research and writing of my book, Right to Recover Winning the Political and Religious Wars over Stem Cell Research in America, I did not expect to turn around and spend nearly that many hours promoting it.

I was spending a lot of time trying to arrange appearances, giving lectures, setting up book signings, doing a virtual blog tour, writing and sending media releases, and writing articles about the topic and posting them on free article directories where other people would pick up stuff. Additionally, I was querying medical magazines hoping to get an article published there. There was constantly something to do every day to promote that book.

I spent close to $4,000 on traditional marketing because I hired a publicist to help me. To spend that much time and money on it, I needed the sales from the book to cover at least my investment in order to say that it was worth the time and effort. When that first royalty check came, I was not impressed enough to continue promoting the book. Maybe if I had continued it would have sold enough copies to even things out, but I had to go back to trying to make a living to pay for what I had already invested.

Maybe I didn’t get a financial return on my investment, but what I did get from the experience is an education. I learned so much from writing and publishing that book—not just about stem cell research but also about the publishing industry, how a book goes through the process at a publishing house, and what BEA and other books trade shows are all about. I also learned a lot about how to market a book. I’ve learned that the best way to market a book is online. When I started utilizing the Internet for book marketing, the sales increased because I could reach more people in less time and spend less money doing it—a lot less!

I have shared the knowledge I gained from marketing my book in hopes of saving someone the frustration and disappointment I faced. I’m now offering my knowledge and information in Book Marketing in the Digital Age: Online Promotion Made Easy available at

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ssmall said...

I am working on marketing an online web series at the moment, and I've found it difficult to get a lot of traffic to the website for the book:

Even though the book is really interesting and easy to listen to on audio, it's still taking time to get people there! Still, I couldn't agree more about online marketing beating out the traditional publicist...

L. Diane Wolfe said...

Online is certainly cheaper but I think it often requires more time.

If writers really understood what was involved to promote a book, they'd never finish what they were writing!

L. Diane Wolfe “Spunk On A Stick”